Meet Our Three New House Blends!

We have been working hard on three new house blends for our collection, all created with maximum depth of flavour in mind, while creating a balance between some of our most intriguing flavour components.

We are very excited to introduce our unique hand blended infusions:
Samovar Herb Garden, Moonrise – Evening Blend and Rose & Cardamom.


SAMOVAR HERB GARDEN – a herbal blend – inspired by our herb garden, a never ending source of ideas centred around an amazing array of flavours available to brew up. This naturally caffeine-free infusion contains some of our staple herb favourites all prized for their beautiful flavours and many healthy attributes! This is a herbal tea utilizing the savoury end of herb spectrum – with basil and rosemary along with lighter sweet tones coming from lemon verbena and peppermint. These green herbs are flecked with deep red carnation petals and our other favourite herb bed edible staple – marigold (calendula) petals. We love this tea anytime of day, but feel it particularly suits a sunny afternoon from a flask while pottering around the garden!


ROSE & CARDAMOM – the most esoteric and transporting flavours mingle together conjouring sticky Middle Eastern sweet treats and the heady scent of tea houses. On a base of high quality white tea, our Rose & Cardamom blend contains caffeine, making it a fantastic mid morning cup.


MOONRISE – EVENING BLEND – Calming and relaxing with just the right amount of invigorating menthol notes, we created this bright and relaxing blend as a go-to after dinner cup of calm. Both, fennel and spearmint have been used since people started brewing up herbs as a means to relax and soothe the digestive system. Being naturally caffeine-free and full of calming properties, we believe this will become a go-to after dinner tonic for those looking for an evening tea ritual.

All three of these new house blends are available to purchase via our web shop… along with many others!