Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls



This treasure of a tea goes through a lengthy and special production method.
Each young shoot containing small leaves and an unopened bud is picked and hand rolled before going through a drying process.
Sweetly scented jasmine buds are then mixed with the ‘pearls’ to allow their scent to infuse.
The jasmine flowers are removed before the addition of a fresh batch. The scenting process is repeated several times until there is a sufficient and delicate jasmine aroma infused.

A little of these pearls goes a long way, we recommend around 5/6 of them to a cup.
Due to the high quality of the leaf, they can be placed directly in the cup as they will unfurl and remain at the bottom, we recommend freshly heated water just below boiling.

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Ingredients (allergens in bold):
White tea, jasmine.


We import our teas and ingredients from around the world. Some may have been prepared in an environment which contains nuts and other allergens.

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