The end of an era (tea-ra?!)

Dear lovely customers,

After 12 years (!) we are announcing that Samovar will be closing on the 15th August 2023.

We’ve famously rarely done any sales (!) but have now put everything on sale at 50% off at

– it will be UK postal delivery option only now, until the shop closes on 15th August.

It has been an amazing 12 years from loose leaf tea market stall to bricks-and-mortar café, speciality tea house, retail space, events and concerts, cakes galore, lunch, brunch, even a delicious foray into ice-cream making at one point..! Then of course the transition to online 3 years ago, which (apart from the website crashing on launch day due to the demand!!) went very smoothly, all things considered.

However, a time has come after so many years where other career opportunities are presenting themselves and need more of our focus – after a great run, we are ready for a change.

We have met so many interesting and lovely people (customers and staff alike) thanks to Samovar, and we know it has also enabled many others to meet like-minded folk too, which is a great legacy.

We are so grateful for all the support over the years, it has really been amazing. When we took the business online in 2020, we felt fairly confident it would continue to thrive and thanks to many wonderful and loyal customers, new and old, the web shop has surpassed our expectations and has been consistently busy, and we have done thousands of deliveries via our local delivery service and by post. Thank you so very much.

We’re aware that lots of you will be really sad to hear that you won’t be able to get some of your favourite exclusive house blends any more. In August we will post a couple of links on our social media accounts to friends of ours who sell loose tea and hopefully you will find new favourites there.

We can’t thank you all enough for being with us on this wonderful loose tea adventure, an amazing chapter which really is ending on a high, as we’d always hoped.

Love to all and best wishes!

Stay safe and happy brewing!!! ??

? Samovar HQ ?